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Unexpected Meetup

I LOVE when this happens! I casually go about my daily activities of seeing clients, book writing, workshop planning, social media buzzing, yoga stretching and running errands. When I think to I also add things like laundry and eating.

Then I go to attend an event. Not an everyday activity, but a monthly networking-type event that I maybe attend a few times a year, muddled in with all the other social and networking meetups. Only as I open the door, I sense that something is different…something is familiar.


Before I even fully look up, a hug is wrapped around my body. Immobilized with a loving hug, I hug back. I know this hug. Indeed, it’s my precious friend Michele. Rather than wait a few weeks for us to finally get organized to arrange a tea date, the Universe decides it’s the right time for us to meet today, at this time and place.


Why? In chatting it soon become clear. We are meant to be connecting, collaborating, co-creating. Within mere sentences we are onto a master plan – not to rule the world, but to travel it. Far beyond what any formal networking meetup could have sparked, we ignited with possibility filled smiles.

How can you set out your ‘welcome mat’ to invite in wonderfully unexpected meetups in your life? Open the door!


(C) 2011 Whitney McMillan

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Yes it was a wonderful surprise to have the universe
    bring us at the same event! I am so proud of you for your creating the life
    You LOVE !

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