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Becoming or Being?…

He had me in stitches. Now that’s how to impactfully get a message across and have it stick – make them laugh as they learn!

At the recent Hay House I Can Do It conference I attended, Robert Holden rocked my world. It wasn’t only what he said but how he presented it. His authentic passion for the subject paired with his sense of humour struck a chord for me – a message I really needed in the moment with the delivery I welcomed. And one I pass along to you as a seed…just in case you welcome it into your world. As Robert shared: ‘When the receiver is ready, the gift arrives.’

Covering several different ‘principles,’ Robert connected two in particular to a similar message, merging healing and growing. He inspired self-evaluation of where we are each at in life, where we have been, and where we want to go. Ready to take the ride?

I loved his point: The past is finished, IF you are finished with it. As long as you remain attached to it, it remains attached to you. If you are feeling overwhelmed by something from the past, you keep it alive by breathing time, energy, and focus into it. It stays with you until you forgive it, and in doing so, release it.

Once we outgrow the past, we can live in the present moment, because we changed the meaning of the past. We take responsibility for this moment onwards ONLY, resulting in a new beginning. From here, we stop ‘being’ and start ‘becoming’ – we blossom!

So, are you still growing? As growing is a life-long journey, not only of our bodies, but our minds, hearts, and souls, I truly hope you answered ‘Hell, yes!’ If not, if something stalled you celebrating a giant ‘yes,’ it may not be an outright ‘no’ either. If something is missing in your life, it is probably YOU! Something about your past may have you stuck, so you aren’t able to show up in your life as fully as a ‘Hell, yes’…at least not yet.

Robert shared that ‘the ego is waiting to be ready, while the soul (your essence) is ready already.’ Often we get lost in the ego-driven aspects of life, resulting in us feeling unready to heal and grow. We hand our power over to our ego monkey mind to direct our journey, leaving our soul on hold in a waiting room.

Please know it is never too late… to be alive, to be young, to heal, to take risks, to live from your heart, to step up, and to be present in your own life. The answers to the key questions rest with you: Are you waiting or willing? Are you being or becoming?

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