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I LOVE my limbs! I know I take them for granted – I abuse them, neglect them, rely on them, expect marvels of them, and in true fashion, overwhelm them.

So when my wrist fell victim to my overuse this week, I had no one to hold responsible but me. It was my own focused energy that drove me to overdo it with cleaning, organizing, lifting, hoisting, heaving, and the like. No wonder by mid-week by left hand gave me the finger!

Of course, my dear hubby finds it the perfect opportunity to blast my new hobby of knitting. Having taken up the needles only a few months ago and diving in enthusiastically with all 10 fingers, he figures it’s the downfall of my hands – ‘It’s ALL that knitting!’ It’s not really surprising given my pattern of overwhelm as I step up fully, either with both feet (or both hands!) first into any activity. Sorry to disappoint him, but needles have strengthened my wrists, increased my hand agility, and brought joy to my heart with each click clack!

Blessed with a refreshed appreciation for all the ways my limbs serve my quality of life, I understand at a far deeper level the challenges my beloved friend lives with, having had a stroke last summer while young and super active. Learning yesterday that another friend in the prime of her life had a stroke this summer grounds the lesson limbs offer: Love us while we work and be patient when we don’t!

Splinted and bandaged, my wee wrist salutes all who live with limited mobility, slower fingers, and joint aches and pains. Please be honoured by this one-handed blog post…each single letter typed at a time – URGGGGGGGH! Know that with each letter there was a silent thought: Thank God it wasn’t my right wrist – then I’d be really hooped!

Take the time to hug your limbs today!

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