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Push Pause Button on Overwhelm Pace

A few months ago I was spent. With a rapid growth in my business and many projects on the go, I was overwhelmed juggling more balls than ever on overdrive. A crack came when a friend pointed out I was looking ‘a bit stunned’ – oh, the wisdom of loved ones!

Amazingly, that’s all it took – one passing comment that stuck with me. For about another week, the thought popped to mind at key moments: as I coached clients, as I was talking on telesummits, and as I planned next season’s events. It was a gift that kept giving me a kick in the butt!

The only way to calm my overwhelming pace was for me to take action in the direction of change. But I was so deeply committed to my overwhelm that I couldn’t find my compass. It was time to rely on a fave trusted tool: being present. Only that meant slowing down to observe the moment, focusing on specific activities, and reconnecting with what I value. From 150 to 0 in one step seemed too extreme. I opted for gearing down in stages. How did I do it? What did I learn? How might you check in with your overwhelm pace?

In June, I pledged to reduce my relationship with my computer. My hubby was fond of saying: ‘You are married to that machine!’ And he was right…only I may not tell him that out loud! It was time to stop ‘living’ online. Only if I went ‘off-line’ while at home, the temptation would be huge. Instead, I ‘escaped’ technology by visiting family in England. Sure I took my computer – I wasn’t being masochistic! But with their intermitted internet access, I was lucky to read and respond to key emails. I learned that by turning off my computer I had more time to do other fun things, and I didn’t miss social media in the least. The fatal Facebook attraction was broken and I survived! You can too! Are you romancing your computer? How techi is your life? Where do your relationships exist: online or in real time?

In July, I focused on prioritizing. Calm would only come with clarity, so being present with only a few key activities meant I could embrace them more deeply. It was perfect timing: I taught a college course for the month and the students were the sole funnel of my energy. Rather than be distracted by other commitments, I fully experienced this aspect of my work in fabulous ways I hadn’t before, while others reaped the benefits of my presence. For you, how many activities do you typically juggle at a time? How could you (and others) benefit from a deeper, more present experience?

In August, I expanded on lessons from June: it was time to socialize in-person! Networking is super fun and often feels like socializing, especially with the many biz friends I have met. Only networking has an undertone of work, and with so many possible events to attend it can feel overwhelming. With far fewer networking events in August it was great timing to reconnect with non-biz friends, some I hadn’t seen or talked to in months! The richness of enjoying quality time chill-axing with friends was a refreshing and grounding elixir. Question for you: who do you spend your ‘free’ time with? How can you honour your friendship connections more deeply?

Returning with greater clarity and balance to my autumn events and planning for the year ahead, my pace has quelled to a speed where I can be present, focused, and connect authentically. No more ‘stunned’ for this biz gal!


[Original article located on Mom Inc Movement – a fabulous gathering of mom and non-mom enterpreneurs: Love them!]

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