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Many decades later, I still love my little bangs!

Let’s get acquainted. Here’s a bit about me:

I am Whitney McMillan. As a rocking multi-passionate best-selling author, life coach, biz coach, workshop facilitator, and motivational speaker, I have one goal: To transform your Overwhelm! As the Overwhelm Freedom Coach, I supportively guide you to the delicious, fear-free, authentic purpose-path you crave.

During my 20 years in social work, I focused on supporting people, often at the expense of my own personal and professional overwhelm, directly experiencing the stress of divorce, generational family addiction, cancer, and career dissatisfaction. Now, I merge highly effective coaching techniques and proven life strategies with my natural intuitive abilities and my sassy personality, offering engaging workshops, content-rich online programs, and liberating one-to-one sessions.

Passionately dedicated to inspiring you to Rock Your Life with an exclamation, not an explanation, I spark busy gals weighed down by overwhelm to reach Overwhelm Freedom! I supportively empower you to get out of your own way by releasing overwhelm beliefs, and embracing greater clarity, balance and freedom. Consciously create your bold, brilliant, shining life as you surrender struggle and find flow in your life. It’s time to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Get ready to lighten your overwhelm load and step closer to living Overwhelm Freedom!

My Rockin’ Mission:

Supportively guiding you to live your rocking life with an exclamation…not an explanation.

My Core Values:

Authenticity . Curiosity . Collaboration . Empathy . Gratitude . Intention . Presence . Valuing

My Qualifications & Pieces of Paper:

Best-selling Author of Rock Your Overwhelm: Live in Clarity, Balance & Freedom Co-Author of Smart Women Live Their Why, The Gratitude Book Project 2013, and My Favorite Summertime Memory                                                                               Contributing Expert to Entrepreneur Mom Now and Mom Inc Movement
Bachelor & Master of Social Work (BSW, MSW)
Certified & Licensed Heal Your Life® Coach & Workshop Facilitator
Certified Life Coach (CCP)
Certified Intuitive Consultant
Six Sensory Practitioner®
Certified Sacred Gifts Guide
Reiki Master Practitioner (RP – CRA)

My Confidentiality Pledge:

I honour strict confidentiality of all clients, by following professional Social Work ethics. If it’s your story, it stays with me!


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