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Take a Vacation from Social Media!

Ovewhelmed by trying to stay on top of e-connecting? Ever take a vacation from Social Media?

Some days it can feel like Social Media is running you, not the other way around. Juggling techi devices by jumping from Smart Phone to tablet to laptop and back again in an endless cycle to stay connected can run you ragged. When you feel more like a computer pro or a Social Media analyst (unless that is your biz!), it takes time away from what you really love to do – what your business is actually about. Sure, Social Media is a valuable business tool, but ask yourself….

How is Social Media serving you? Not only in your business but in your personal life? Consider: If social media is a vice, does it serve you…or do you serve it?

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[The full post at Entrepreneur Mom Now on February 7, 2013]

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