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What is ‘Rock Your…’ Life Coaching?

A question that often pops up: What’s this ‘Life Coaching’ thing anyway?

To answer, first let me ask:

  • Have you stalled in your comfort zone?
  • How’s your overwhelmed rut serving you – positively and negatively?
  • Ready to shake off the boulders of limiting beliefs, niggling fears, and critical lingo?

To me, the term ‘Life Coaching’ doesn’t do the process justice, because sometimes life gets muddied with overwhelm for the modern day Super-Woman trying to thrive.        So…I spice up Life Coaching with a bit of sass!


Rockin’ Heart meets Truth Teller added to Fear Releaser, Funk Shifter, Change Igniter, Gratitude Mistress, merged with Biz Strategist and Word Smither.

Whether you desire trusting relationships, buoyant health, kick-ass career success, and/or overflowing prosperity…

Here are the ground rules:

No BS excuses. No denial. No guilt. No regret. No shrinking.                                         Only openness. Only growth. Only truth. Only inspiration. Only passion.

Our rockin’ Mission together:

Unstick your overwhelmed funky rut by…

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Releasing past hurts
  • Digging out from under boulders

Empower the most extraordinary bold version of YOU by…

  • Unveiling your authentic self
  • Sharing your savvy gifts
  • Thriving in your brilliant purpose

As you venture forth, you’ll leave the funk behind, awakening resiliency, boldness and joy as you flow.

If you already know what you want to ROCK, check out the menu tabs under Rock With Me above. Want more info before taking the plunge? Read on!

Here’s my pledge to you:

I coach peeps who are 100% ready AND willing to change their lives. Not part-time. Not sometimes. Not maybe. Not only when it’s easy. Ready, period.

I’m not here to hold your hand and coddle you. You’ve got other wonderful peeps in your world to do that. Instead, always with a big heart, my role is to both cheer you on and hold you accountable to your vision.

Call it coaching, mentoring, guiding or butt-kicking, I suss out your blind spots: places you’re stuck, places you get lazy, and places that freak you out. All places that don’t serve you positively. I listen for both what you say, and what you stay silent about. I notice the gap between what you claim and what you actually do. Be warned, these spots are where we dig deep. I do not let things slide when my BS-detector is screaming to me to call you on it.

Here’s the thing: You deserve to have my focused attention, to be held accountable, and to celebrate your victories. I’ll ask you the hard questions you need to consider. I’ll tell you the things no one else will tell you. I’ll witness your journey with fierce compassion.

It’s not worth either of our time or energy for anything less. You deserve all I have to offer!

To live your rockin’ best life, you need: self-love. Sound like a big step? The key stepping stones require debunking nagging fear-filled beliefs, and getting your self-acceptance mojo on. It’s time to evict the inner-voice that talks BS to you, keeps you small, and stops you from stepping out of your comfort zone and into your vision.

To let you know, most of the rockin’ gals I work with are:

  • Wise woman who are quite self-aware, but they’re unhappy or stuck, and they can’t figure out how to shift.
  • Overwhelmed in one or more areas of life, and wondering if ‘life balance’ is a myth.
  • Successful, by whatever means they define ‘success’, often even ambitious high achievers, perfectionists and people pleasers.
  • Frustrated their lives didn’t turn out as planned and are eager to make changes.
  • Pretending the life they wanted and worked hard to have isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and now want to let go of feeling guilt, shame, regret, etc.
  • Wanting to feel more confident in order to go after exactly what they want, and to feel like a passionate Rock Star.
  • Feeling they could be doing more to serve the world, but don’t know what to embrace or how to do it.
  • Pretty sure something bigger and better is out there for them, so they dream big…yet when they think of bringing these dreams alive, their inner-critic tells them they can’t or shouldn’t…so they doubt themselves or even stop.

Sound familiar? Does one, a couple, or all of these things feel like your life? Is it a fit for you?

Life’s to short to accept anything but your dream. If you shrink into playing small, I’ll kick your butt to embrace the BIG life that’s waiting for you. Not a believer yet? Go on – I dare you!

Check out the coaching options in the Rock With Me menu tab above…and get ready to rock your big girl panties with grace and moxie!

If it helps… Here’s the straight-laced ‘how it works’ version:

Life coaching involves a professional relationship that helps you to explore, clarify and shift values, beliefs, emotions and behaviours, deepening your understanding, acceptance and love for yourself and others.

Working with you as a unique client, together we engage a co-creative process of dialogue, ‘growth-work’ and accountability that supports you to realize your intended goals. The coaching process is highly personalized and client-directed – you guide the journey! Meanwhile, as the coach, I listen, ask powerful questions and offer observations to increase your awareness and focus, moving you into realistic action. Coaching focuses on where you are currently and what you are willing to do to reach your desired future. You direct the process based on your intentions, choices and actions, with my support and empowerment.

Apply what you discover and be supported each step of the way!

Typically with coaching, a series of sessions is most beneficial to create lasting change – it requires a long term commitment to receive the benefits of going to deeper levels with lasting positive change. Single sessions are also available for quick shifts.

Time to sparkle in the rockin’ life that awaits you?

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