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Rock Your Biz

You’ve got an idea…a brilliant wondrous idea!

Maybe you’re embracing your gifts, building upon a hobby, or finally staking your claim on a long-held heart’s desire career. Inside you know it’s time to take action – to step into your fuller vision of life and your bolder potential. It’s time to start living it…even if you’re working a full-time or part-time job while starting, building or growing a business.

As a modern day Super-Woman, how better to live your abundant inspired life than by reaching for your deepest dreams?

Only…how do you shift your passionate idea into a real enterprise?

I believe that once you’re ready and willing to put your vision into action, you can create a thriving, fulfilling career. I’ve seen this biz transformation in myself and the women who work with me to get their biz mojo moving!

My rockin’ joy is empowering you to catapult into your entrepreneurial power.

Rock Your Biz Coaching motivates, empowers, and transforms your intention into practical steps for creating, honing and expanding your business. Whether you’re buzzing with excitement at the idea stage, overwhelmed at a ‘what to do next’ moment, or so far in that you can’t turn back despite feeling you’re at a dead-end, Rocking Your Biz meets you where you’re at.

When rushing in-head first, overwhelmed, or stuck, it skyrockets your opportunities to have a biz coach at your side to shoot you to the next level. Hey, you do all the actual work, but you’re not alone – you have the wisdom of experience as your side-kick!

How do I know? Because I’ve been there and I hear ya!

Does this sound familiar? You’re a modern day Super-Woman trying to rock your life doing what you love for a living. You’re pulsing with excitement about starting your new biz, or taking your current biz to that next level. You’re working hard and drowning in overwhelm about doing all the ‘shoulds’ to grow your business. You’re likely feeling scared or possibly nervous because you really want your business to succeed – that’s why you’re doing it, right!? Only enough moola isn’t coming in, you’re spinning your wheels trying to do it all, and self-doubt is sinking you into a procrastination funk.

Bravo! This is the rut that changes it all for you. In this moment, you have the option to:

  • Say ‘Hell, yes!’ to busting through any blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your biz dream with ease, confidence and joy.
  • Say ‘Hell, no’ and walk away from your dream.

I’ve been in that choice moment myself. At times, my entrepreneurial journey rides a similar journey of mind-frick as anyone’s. Only armed with valuable tips, tools and techniques, I shift my mindset out of funk easily, I outpace overwhelm, I maintain a balanced schedule, I thrive in a strong business, and I achieve whatever I focus on.

Now I share groovy techniques I’ve applied in my own business to support others to implement. Sure, some were learned through spending lots of money on great coaches, but most came from my own trial and error. All of them created vital shifts to enhance my biz, bringing me amazing success.

So, why make your learning curve longer (or steeper) than it needs to be!? I’m here to shorten the time and reduce the curve to bring in the success you deserve.

Ready to experience ‘Ah-ha’ moments that will Rock Your Biz?

Sure, you’ll learn some of the best entrepreneurial business and marketing tips to help ignite your professional passion, accelerate your success, and transform your lifestyle. But here’s the kicker…

The bottom line: I believe you can create the business you desire, and you have unlimited potential to be, do, and have whatever you want. What do you believe? If you’re ready to Rock Your Biz, let’s get going!

When is it time to Rock Your Biz?

Hey, you’ll know for yourself, but some signs are:

  • You’ve got a passionate biz idea but don’t know what steps to take
  • You feel overwhelmed, spinning your wheels but not moving ahead
  • You create a plan but don’t stick with it, lacking consistent focus and follow-through
  • You’ve got specific goals you want to achieve, but need to figure out how to achieve them
  • You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and a clone would be helpful
  • You’re constantly putting out fires instead of doing the work you love
  • You’re doing all the biz ‘stuff’ you don’t like or don’t want to do
  • You need help in your business but don’t know how to find it
  • You fear losing control if you delegate
  • You’re drowning in money woes, stressing you financially
  • You aren’t moving forward with your marketing, so you aren’t reaching your ideal clients
  • You want to create more buzz in your business, so you’re seen and heard
  • You find it challenging to find and keep clients
  • You take any client and chase any lead in hope of more work
  • Your thoughts are filled with self-doubt, weighs you down
  • You are constantly drained of energy
  • You don’t have time for yourself, your family and friends while having a social life (whatever that is?)
  • You want to have more fun along the way
  • Your self-care has vanished
  • You know there has to be something better

If you can relate to any of these statements, get Rocking Your Biz!

Here’s your starting point: You must be intentional about your business.

If you read this far, you’re likely a serious go-getter who’s ready to put her heart and soul into Rocking Your Biz. To seriously get your business going and actually make a living doing it, there are some key things that need to happen.

To Rock Your Biz together, we’ll focus on the most important things you need to do to rocket your brain-child off the ground. Indeed, we’ll customise it to you.

Here’s a sampling of the goodies we can work on together:

  • Get clear on your vision. Refining vague wording to finer detail and desired outcomes.
  • Aim for your ‘niche’. These are your target market ideal clients addressing their ideal needs. You can’t be everything to everyone – you need to narrow on one thing your clients need you for.
  • Firm up your ‘elevator speech.’ Saying what you do doesn’t need to cause a migraine.
  • Attract ideal clients. Every business needs them. We’ll create an action plan to hook them.
  • Explore market research. Find out what your niche is already accessing and how.
  • Tweak your brand. Match your mission to your unique style.
  • Create a sassy business plan. ‘Just getting by’ ain’t going to fly here. Focus is queen.
  • Refine your offerings. What services, products or ideas you share with the world will meet your clients’ asks.
  • Narrow your social media. To avoid getting lost in online world, you need to pace yourself.
  • Groove a blog plan. Forget long rambling posts and think short engaging blurbs.
  • Craft your website. Create the site of your biz connections, reaching out and inviting in.
  • Build your list. With lots of possible strategies you can’t do them all at once. We’ll target ones that Rock Your Biz.
  • Design rock star proposals. Create customized projects and collaborations with inspiring vision, powerful prose and fab stats.
  • Funnel multiple streams of income. Putting all your eggs in one basket is old school – forget endlessly trading your time and wisdom for money. Open to digital products, online services and joint ventures.
  • And so much more rockin’!

Creating your rockin’ biz…all while addressing the nuts and bolts of your biz blocks.

Here’s where my sassy coaching style steps in. I tell-it-like-I-see-it. I get to the point and keep you focused there. Sure, at times you’ll likely go on a tangent, be distracted by ‘sparkly-object syndrome’, and/or stubbornly stand in a rut. But my role is to make the most of the process for you. I am a catalyst to help you change your world…through your biz. My goal is to facilitate the results you’re looking for – the ones that will get a high return on your investment (ROI). You can expect results.

Not for the faint of heart, here are the conditions:

  • Massive success requires your willingness and action, so put in the hard work. No half-assed-ness.
  • Rockin’ can be bumpy. You’ll likely come up against your ‘stuff’ – the stuff that blocks other areas of your life too. It may feel like a butt-kicking at times. Remember: I’m not your friend, I’m your coach.
  • Together , we customize a process/plan that effectively works for you. Ideally it will be easy to follow, so it’s sustainable for you long-term.

Ready to say: Goodbye…to missing focus on what you truly love to do, resulting in low results and slow success, and Hello…to easily attracting ideal clients and effortlessly expanding your business?

If you’re ready to bust through your blocks to hone a business that ROCKS, then get ready to rock your big gal biz panties!

Imagine: What if…you surpass your biz goals?

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