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Rock Your Overwhelm

Live Free From OVERWHELM!

Are you overwhelmed living a full-on hectic life?
What is it like buried under the weight of endless To Dos?
How does it feel to live other people’s expectations?

‘Stuck in a rut’…sound and feel familiar? For many of us it’s the sensation of overwhelm. It may sneak up on you or land with a thud. It may exist in one area of your life at a time, gradually shifting to other areas, or it may consume several aspects of your life all at once. It can feel like you’re pulled in a million directions, but moving no where!

Like so many people, it’s easy to quickly find yourself buried in overwhelm. In the blink of an eye, overwhelm swallows you up with busy-ness, ‘shoulds,’ feeling undeserving, trying to be perfect, seeking acceptance, and yet doubting yourself.

As overwhelm becomes more common, it consumes people’s lives. But how is that really living? With people increasingly expected to carry a huge weight of responsibility and pressure in various areas of their lives, overwhelm wreaks havoc in relationship breakdowns, challenging family dynamics, unsatisfying careers, financial stress, and/or failing health.

While tons of time management tools and organizational systems exist for you to ‘manage’ your life, you will quickly return to overwhelm, unless you make changes at your belief level.

Recognizing the beliefs you picked up throughout life, releasing boulders that no longer positively serve you, and visioning your future full of lighter choices, you can surrender struggle and find flow in your life. It’s time to get out from under your rock and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones – Live Overwhelm Freedom!

Rocking Your Overwhelming is a must if you experience:
• a feeling of being pushed and pulled in a million directions, yet going no where
• a heaviness of far too many pressures weighing on you
• a heightened stress from an ever-growing To Do list
• a voice in your head that tells you what you ‘should’ do, even if you don’t want to
• a panic that you are always behind, desperately trying to catch-up
• a hazy fog of missing clarity
• a distraction at any tiny excuse – ‘sparkly-eye syndrome’
• a hyper sensitivity emotionally – like any little thing could set you ‘off’
• a lost sense of Purpose in what you do and who you are
• a frustration with being stuck – like an immobilized ‘freeze’ response
• a fear of moving in any direction – what if it gets worse?
• a foreboding sense of uncertainty
• a haunting lack of Self-Trust

Sound like you? Wonder what it would be like to live your life with more clarity, balance and freedom? Are you ready to shift key culprits keeping you in overwhelm?
Get out from under your heavy stress-filled life, release your overwhelm beliefs, and find a better way of living.

Questions to Consider:
What did you observe/learn about overwhelm as a child?
How, where and when does overwhelm show up in your life as an adult?
What triggers your overwhelm?
Where and how do you feel overwhelm in your body?
How do you express your overwhelm?
How does busy-ness serve you?
What ‘shoulds’ drive your life?
What can you release to live your fullest deserve-ability?
How does overwhelm limit you?
How does overwhelm serve you positively?
What are you doing with your gift of overwhelm?
What are you willing to adapt or let go of to find freedom from overwhelm?

Imagine: What if… you live free from overwhelming stress?

Connect with me if  you say ‘Hell, yes!’ to shifting away from overwhelm…

Ready to omit ‘should’ from your vocab?
Time to put a stop to busy-ness?
How would it feel to boldly enhance your deserve-ability?


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