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Want to know how others benefitted from Rockin’ Their Overwhelm? Here’s some testimonials filled with rockin’ raves and kick-ass kudos:

Amazing! Within only four sessions my life turned around. It felt like a fog of overwhelm lifted from my head and my life. I am living again!

AL - Seattle

I started coaching hesitantly, fearing I’d be a puddle of emotions when the cork opened. I laugh now! Working with Whitney was so easy and fun that my fear vanished with each step to reach my goals.

CP - Toronto

Stress caused my prolonged health problems. During our second coaching session, Whitney focused on the old family issue that I was holding onto. By letting go of my 'stuff,' my health improved greatly. Literally within days, long-term stress melted away and has not returned. Thank you!

LW - North Carolina

I asked for a mentor to join me on my journey and provide me with wisdom, clarity and guidance. Then Whitney appeared with her beautiful green eyes, sparkling smile and bubbly laugh! I was living a very lost and confused life at the time. I made the wise decision to work on-on-one with Whitney and with every single session clarity grew in abundance. I finally found the mentor for me! Whitney helped me find my blissful sparkle and I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

KP - Vancouver

Whitney, it was an honour to work with you. I felt very inspired, valued, respected and safe. You are truly amazing!

AK - Ireland

Whitney really got me. Her intuitive nature led us right to where we needed to go. You are awesome! Thank you.

TW - Australia

Whitney is amazing! If you are even thinking about it, sign up. You'll be glad that you treated yourself to this experience.

SF - Texas

I heartily recommend Whitney to anyone on a personal journey to find their authentic self, a need to re-charge their life, or a desire for positive personal transformation. She rocks!

NB - Seattle

Whitney provides a safe haven and practical guidance as she helps you gracefully drill down, assess and connect with the different facets of your life. You will be changed for the better as you laugh out loud. You will gain awareness and invaluable tools along the way.

JM - Vancouver

The shift was instantaneous, experiencing several "Aha" moments. With Whitney's creative approach I found new, nearly effortless ways to make affirmations a productive and invaluable part of my life.

TB - Vancouver

This workshop is extremely valuable at facilitating reflection and awareness around unconscious thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back, limiting your potential, or preventing healing. This workshop is kind of like a personal trainer for your life - it will take you to places you need to go, but would not go on your own and makes you stronger and more confident in the end. It was uplifting, fun, interactive and enlightening!

JK - Vancouver

Whitney's innate sense of humor increased my willingness to step out of my comfort zone. Since humor is the #1 motivator, infusing it into this heartfelt activity increased my ability to remember and use the information in other settings.

GB - Maryland

What a blessing! Whitney came into my life at the right time when I needed support to make a very important shift in my life. She helped me feel more at peace and grounded, and also gently guided me into the right direction where I now grow and respect my full potential.

JP - Oregon

Before Whitney, I felt like I was walking around in a fog of overwhelm. After distilling my thoughts and fears down to one manageable issue, Whitney walked me to a calm, non-judgmental place of powerfully valuing myself. Now I thrive in a self-loving life!

ST - Vancouver

When I’m clear with my intention, I feel light, exhilarated, confident, joyous and hopeful for my future. Not only did I clear the path for my intention, I vocalized it! …I have now seen proof that my intuition is my guide; my strength. And you are my facilitator and for that I will be forever grateful.

DN - New York

Inspired by what you brought out in me, I will write the story of my life as the pages unfold.

SS - Toronto

I think its due to your great ability to communicate your topic so well, and connect with people on such a real level. Everyone commented later how happy they were about your workshop and how much better they felt afterward. Everyone was really stoked that they had so much internal power to draw on. So positively proactive for women who are in doubt and questioning themselves.

SE - Vancouver

By the end of the program I had a stronger sense of purpose and clarity. The business coaching process offered me valuable tools for helping my clients.

TB - Vancouver

Whitney helped me so much to clarify my business focus - I feel on track with my purpose for the first time ever. Thank you!

PM - New York

Whitney's support helped me release my perfectionism and the stress it caused in my life, my career and my relationships. I 'got off my own back'! Plus I now see how each person has their own special way of offering unique gifts to the world. I celebrate uniqueness differently now.

DK - California

So worth it! I was concerned it would take a long time to get to the centre of my problem. But within the first session, Whitney intuitively targeted my 'stuck point', and I moved forward within only a few sessions to a new life of purpose.

JS - Vancouver