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Resolutions are passe! Likely by the middle of January you will be done with them, leaving them in the past like so many resolutions before. How quickly have you shed your past resolutions: within months, weeks, or even hours of midnight January 1st? Me too!

How come? I believe it’s because of the giant ‘should’ attached to most resolutions. Often we select a resolution based on what we think we ‘need to’ do, or what we’ve been told will be good for us. We pick resolutions with our heads, more than our hearts. Where’s the passion in that? No wonder we drop them!

Add to this…very often resolutions focus on bringing greater happiness into our world – it’s what we each ‘want’ above all else: Happiness. Whether we think it’ll come with better diet, more exercise, closer friendships, new hobbies or the like, we somehow lack contentment, so we seek a bigger sense of joy. Only what we’re aiming for is a magic potion to unlock our inner joy overnight. When we realize it takes consistent dedication, we slowly (or haltingly) resolve ourselves to our current level of (un)happiness. We turtle!

word rocks imageStuck with neither ‘need’ nor ‘want’ sparking fabulous results, let’s reframe resolutions with a fresh hook of inspiration: the Word-of-the-Year…or more appropriately YOUR Word-of-the-Year. Yup, with a single word, you can shift your life!

Why a single word? By having a single concise word at the ready, you can easily and effortlessly remind yourself of your intention in any given moment. The theme becomes so top-of-mind that it lives on the tip-of-your-tongue. With a single thought or utterance, you re-align with the intention the word holds for you: it re-ignites you.

Plus, you can let go of a long list of resolutions – a.k.a. nagging ‘shoulds’ – which could be the biggest blessing of all! With resolutions its about you coming up with what you ‘think’ you need to do. But with your Word-of-the-Year, you simply invite a theme into your life generally. You aren’t in charge of the ‘how’!

Can it be that easy? Well, your intentional word expresses a heart-based sense of your big ‘why’ of life. It challenges you to dig deep and discern your heart’s desire. It calls on you to check-in with your alignment and observe the blocks to your life lessons. It provides amazing clarity to your best version of yourself. It reminds you that greater happiness is closer than a dream.

But what word?? Well, my examples may help inspire you.

In 2010, my word-of-the-year was ‘Blossoming’: I expanded my practice with several key new tools/techniques, reframed my business, travelled tons for courses and for pleasure, began writing articles, refocused my biz networking, facilitated more workshops at diverse locations, uttered the words: “One day I’ll write a book,” etc.

In 2011, my word was ‘Connection’: I ventured forward into the techi-age with a new website and blog, started my social media adventure, met amazing fellow biz gals, started teaching and focused on biz coaching, wrote and published a book, etc.

In 2012, my word was ‘Focus’: After years of expanding forward, I found my current calling – the voice of overwhelm freedom! My aim was to regroup and stay balanced, free of distractions and diversions. My awareness filtered and zeroed in on serving my vision, my clients, and my community. My attention was dedicated to freeing YOUR overwhelm!

In 2013, my word was ‘Healing’: Interestingly, I didn’t start with that theme, but early in the year I was in a car accident, which quickly had me on my knees – well, my back actually! – and switching my focus. Launching into a big growth time, instead I stumbled. Yet, it was just what I needed (without knowing it): the opportunity to heal, on many levels.

In 2014, my word is ‘Compassion’: With many years of dedicated growth and service, I welcome some softening. Now’s time to walk my talk of self-care more fully! Mind you, not at anyone else’s expense, so it’ll require a delicate balance of decision-making that supports me and those I love…including you!

Just like for me, your word will manifest amazing opportunities in your life. May I suggest using your journal to help you get clear and to narrow your words to the prize winner:

  • What are you dedicated to this year?
  • What do you want to move toward?
  • What can you let go of in order to make your word your priority?
  • How will you serve the world in 2014?
  • How will your word serve you?
  • What one word inspires you for 2014?

Need some support in visioning your Word-of-the-Year and your best 2014? Feel free to get in touch. I’d be honoured to support you in magically manifesting your rockin’ theme!

And please share your Word-of-the-Year with others in our community. Inspire us!

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