Rock Your
Inspired Life
Life Purpose

Rock Your Purpose

Are you stuck in ‘funk’ or drifting rudderless?
Have you forgotten what passion feels like?
Do you fear doing what you dream because it’s a huge risk?

Discover your true life purpose – Your Gifts!

Yes, you have a life purpose! It may not feel like it at times. Or it may be brewing inside you, inspiring a yearning from time to time.  Know you are here for a powerful reason.

Each one of us has something wonderfully special to contribute to the world. By living ‘on purpose’ we live our fullest, happiest lives. Ready to meet your life purpose?
• Are your working a job or thriving in a vocation?
• When you think about your current work, does your heart jump for joy?
• As you go through your daily life activities, does your soul smile?

If not, you likely are NOT living YOUR purpose. Duh??? It may feel obvious to you, but sometimes a person can be so numbed by life that it’s hard to imagine anything different…or anything better. Purpose is possible!

Some tips for how to identify what Rocks Your Purpose:
• Is there something that you do (anything at all) that you love to the fullest of your being and wish you could do more of?
• Do you receive amazing praise for these activities?
• Do people awe at how easy and amazing you make them seem?

If so, you are living YOUR purpose. Your gifts are in action!

Far beyond normal skills and talents, your gifts are the ‘power tools’ supporting you to live ‘on purpose’, by sharing your amazing contributions with others. They are your sacred reason for being!

Knowing your Sacred Gifts helps identify which tools are in your toolkit. Once you know which tools you possess and what they can be used for, you experience much more success, happiness, and ease in life. Of course you do – you are living on PURPOSE!

Likewise, identifying which Sacred Gifts are NOT in your toolkit allows you to release a sense of needing to be perfect – you can let go of the gifts you do not possess…and focus on the Sacred Gifts you DO possess.

Once you discover, understand and awaken your Sacred Gifts, you will be able to use them to their true life purpose potential.

What would it be like to thrive in your vocation?
Imagine your heart jumping for joy when you think about ‘work’?
As you go through daily activities, what would it feel like if your soul smiled?

What if…you sparkle sharing your life purpose?
Live your Sacred Gifts and you will naturally love your purpose-filled life!

As a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide, I facilitate the process of identifying your Sacred Gifts. Offered in various formats including personalized one-to-one coaching, audio program and/or group workshops in-person, by phone and via skype.

Contact me to…
Discover what you are meant to do, and explore the possibilities of becoming all that you are meant to be.

“There are two significant events in your life.
One is when you are born;
the other is when you find out why.”

- adapted by Monique MacDonald (Sacred Gifts founder) from Mark Twain

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